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... about me

I've been collecting minerals most of my life, but in the last 10 years, I've really gotten into it. I've grown up in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana) and do most of my collecting here, but I have been known to go to California, Nevada, Utah, and Canada to collect also. I would like to do some collecting in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, New England states, and the Carolinas (anyone have some sites they would like to show me). My real love is pegmatites, give me a hammer and a chisel, then stand back.



... Collection

This page is still construction.
A lot of it has been digitized, now working on fine tuning the format
Here's what I've got so far,Collection


... Trip Report

New camera is here, an Olympus D600L. This is not a trip report, but a show report. Each Fall, Bob Jackson, the owner and operator of the Spruce Claim in Washington state has an open house, here is some of the things at that show.

... Favorites

These are some of my favorite sites.

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