On November 15th, 1997, Bob Jackson had an Open House at which he sells specimens for the previous summer's workings of the Spruce Claim in Washington state. Here are some of the things he had for sale.

Amethyst Scepters

Flat of scepters, and flats of quartz crystal that need cleaning

Other flats of crystal needing cleaning, and a nice piece of quartz and pyrite.

Another quartz and pyrite piece, and a quartz plate that has faint hints of amethyst.

The following are from other trips that Bob made for collecting minerals to sell.

Amethyst plate from Bolivia, Calcite and Marcasite from Elmwood Mine, and Amethyst Geode from Brazil (sold by a friend of Bob's)

This is a specimen that was collected by a person who went on on of Bob's trips to Spruce, it has Pyrite and Amethyst on the same plate, first know occurance on new bench.