This page will show the conversion from the standard 4 X 140mm bolt pattern of the pre 90's series cars to the 5 X 100mm bolt pattern of the post 90's series cars. This is accomplished using components from a Subaru XT6 AWD.

The car that I am using is a 1987 Subaru RX 3dr Full Time 4WD

The Front Brake

Here is the front wheel before, yep, the tire is flat.                                            Front with hubcap off.

Front Wheel off                                                                                                    Front caliper off

Un bolted tie rod, ball joint and axle pin at tranny                                            Unbolted the top of the strut

Here is what comes out, looks like I needed a new axle anyway                    Here is what goes in, plus the lower suspension arm

Axle repined at tranny, sitting on ball joint                                                        The front 5 bolt set up all in place, I used the XT6 front calipers

New wheel on the front.


 The Rear Brake

Here is the rear wheel before                                                                            Here is the wheel with the hubcap off and axles nut loosened

Axle nut completely off                                                                                        Rear brake with caliper removed (5 bold disc on ground)

Rear disc off                                                                                                        5 bolt backing plate on

5 bolt rear brake on                                                                                            New wheel and tire on

Wheels on the car, Driver side                                                                                Wheels on the car, Passenger side

And a look down the side